By Reanna Yu | 10th September 2023 | “Just Jenneh”

Who is Just Jenneh? 

Just Jenneh is a Vietnamese-Canadian multihyphenate creative born. She was born and raised in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada. She’s a humble, talented, and inspiring individual who is brilliant at what she does and is passionate about it. She loves being able to share her love of music with others. Seeing people dance, vibe, and having fun is such a reward.

Jenneh’s role models and Inspirations 

Although Jenneh claims she doesn't have a particular role model, she views anyone who shows drive, dedication, and consistency as a role model and holds such qualities in high regard. However, she draws inspiration from many of her friends and peers. Numerous DJs in the industry, notably DJ Killa Kels, DJ Big Jacks, and DJ OTR, have been nothing but helpful, encouraging, and considerate throughout her career. They have exchanged songs as well as guidance, which she has continued to follow throughout her journey as a DJ. In terms of celebrities, she takes inspiration from Vashtie, Joe Kay, and Peggy Gou.


How did she know she wanted to be a DJ and what she did to get started.

Jenneh was raised in a traditional Vietnamese home, so she never really gave the idea of pursuing an artistic career any thought. She has, however, always taken joy in making playlists and burning CDs. Later on she then joined a creative program known as Remix Project for PR, this was a 9-month mentorship program for Toronto's creatives. Through that program, Jenneh met many different creatives, including DJs who have influenced and shaped her into the DJ she is today. 

How does she prepare for gigs 

When it comes to getting ready for gigs, Jenneh doesn't really follow a specific routine.She approaches every gig differently, even if she had previously performed at that venue, she will typically organize music that she may wish to play into a crate. However, if its a venue or party that she hasn’t done before she will do a little research on the event and other DJs on the line up  just to have a sense of what the atmosphere and vibe will be like. 

Challenges she has faced and How she has overcome them

Jenneh said “You gotta have a tough skin working in this field because working in a male-dominated industry is quite a struggle.”

She has stated that while there are undoubtedly benefits to being a female DJ, she frequently feels that when she enters a room, people expect her to perform more poorly than her male colleagues. Jenneh has experienced everything from being sexualized to having her equipment randomly touched and rates lowballed. That said, she definitely doesn't have this experience at every gig. When she does, she tells herself that these things, while painful, are inevitable due to the nature of the work. 

She said “I’m sure women in other fields have had similar experiences.”

Biggest Achievements

Jenneh has only been a DJ for three years, or two years if you count her time with COVID 19, yet she feels lucky enough to perform at some of her performances. Her ability to successfully host and arrange her own events, including the monthly REMIXED event she currently runs, performing at the Union Station, and playing internationally are some of her greatest accomplishments. Just Last year Jenneh performed at her very first US show in Boston.

Jenneh’s Advice to upcoming DJs

Jenneh said “Practice, practice, practice! Put yourself out there and do your research. Youtube is an amazing platform with so many tutorials - that’s where I learned a lot of my tips and tricks. If there are DJs you look up to, try to go to their events and listen to their sets, or listen to their mixes (if they have any).”

Ideal performances 

Jenneh dreams of the day when she will have the chance to go on tour with a musician or perhaps be given the opportunity to DJ at a festival. 

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