Unveiling the Impact of Politics on the Music Industry

By Parisha Narang | 9th Dec 2023 | “How Politics Affect The Music Industry” There has been a raging controversy surrounding the political stances of various celebrities regarding the Israel-Hamas war. There is no doubt that there is a movement on both sides and the public implores people with large platforms to speak out and […]

Just Jenneh

By Reanna Yu | 10th September 2023 | “Just Jenneh” Who is Just Jenneh?  Just Jenneh is a Vietnamese-Canadian multihyphenate creative born. She was born and raised in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada. She’s a humble, talented, and inspiring individual who is brilliant at what she does and is passionate about it. She loves […]

The Weeknd Breaks Wembley Stadium Ticket Sales Record

By Jamillah Majid | 13th Sept 2023 | “The Weeknd Breaks Wenbley Stadium Ticket Sales Record” On August 18, 2023, the city of London experienced an extraordinary night that would be forever etched in the annals of music fame. This was the night the renowned Canadian singer, The Weeknd, claimed the record for the highest […]


By Jamillah Majid | 25th Jun 2023 | “Marimba” If you’re looking to embark on a musical journey that’s both melodic and rhythmic, the marimba is calling your name! This unique instrument hails from Africa but has found its way into various musical genres worldwide. Designed with wooden bars that produce enchanting sounds, learning to […]


By Jamillah Majid | 25th Jun 2023 | “Skullgang” Formed in the halls of a South African secondary school, Skullgang is a rising force in the country’s vibrant music scene. Comprising a group of talented individuals who share a passion for hip hop and trap, the band combines catchy beats with thought-provoking lyrics to create […]

Artist Based in Vancouver BC – Anthony Yu

By Reanna Yu | 10th Jul 2023 | “Anthony Yu” Anthony Yu, a burgeoning artist from Vancouver, British Columbia, has been rapidly gaining recognition for his distinct style in the realm of alternative pop music. His multifaceted musical proficiency and a deep-seated passion for music, cultivated since his early years, have culminated in a diverse […]

Heroes & Villains

By Jamillah Majid | 25th Jun 2023 | “Heroes & Villains” Metro Boomin, the visionary hip-hop producer, has once again delivered an auditory masterpiece with his 2nd album, ‘Heroes and Villans’. Bursting with sonic innovation and an intriguing thematic twist, the album takes listeners on a riveting journey through the unexplored depths of Metro Boomin’s […]

Culture and its involvement in Music

 By Parisha Narang | 20th Jun 2023 | “Culture and its involvement in Music” Indian culture is an amalgamation of color and splendor. The rise of Indian culture about 4500 years ago has shown developments in the academic field, infrastructure, and the arts. Specifically, music. Indian classical music is one of the most ancient forms […]

Asian Music Takes Centre Stage

By Vedha Balamurugan | 26th May 2023 | “Asian Music Takes Center Stage” The global music market has experienced a recent addition of Asian Music. Various musicians with Asian backgrounds have risen in popularity as their talents are getting more and more recognised.    For instance, Fifty-Fifty’s release of Cupid, with its straightforward lyrics and […]

The Set

By Yamato Tao | 26th May 2023 |  The Set – A Rising Sextet Shaping South Africa’s Student Music Scene In Johannesburg, South Africa, a group of talented 10th Graders are making waves in their local music scene. Known as “The Set”, this six-member band comprising Kea (bassist), Rosy (guitarist), Marang (drummer), Fadzai (pianist/vocalist), Mnotho […]