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Anthony Yu, a burgeoning artist from Vancouver, British Columbia, has been rapidly gaining recognition for his distinct style in the realm of alternative pop music. His multifaceted musical proficiency and a deep-seated passion for music, cultivated since his early years, have culminated in a diverse portfolio of creations spanning multiple genres. Anthony stated that music has always been a passion of his since he was a child.

"I started with the guitar and then moved on to singing in grade eight." said Anthony.

However, his journey hasn't been without its share of struggles and uncertainties. The prospect of pursuing a career in music initially seemed daunting and unrealistic. After a year in post-secondary education, Yu found the academic route diverged greatly from his aspirations, leading him to drop out. Consequently, he embarked on a career as a barber, his secondary passion. However, two years of full-time work left him unfulfilled, igniting the realization that music was his ultimate calling.

Anthony said, "Even doing my second passion every day I couldn't stand doing it, so I realized there was no other choice except to do my first passion: music."

Anthony's music style

Yu's alternative pop music deviates from conventional norms, offering an intriguing auditory experience. He draws substantial inspiration from Asian pop cultures, particularly Korean, Japanese, and Chinese music, and their extensive use of synthetic instruments. Yu perceives Western pop music as favoring more hard-hitting and bass-heavy elements over synthetic instruments, and he strives to bridge this gap by integrating creative lyrics and acoustic elements, including the guitar and piano, into his compositions.

What kind of obstacles did Anthony face?

The initial obstacle he faced was reaching the audience and fans, and for people to know who he was. He said he had to work a little harder to give his supporters a reason to care about him since when he first started, he had to confront the truth that nobody really cared about him. However, the process of composing songs and producing music was never the primary challenge for Anthony; rather, it has been getting out there and selling both himself and his music.

What did Anthony learn through his career in music?

Since commencing his musical career in September of the previous year, Yu has gathered invaluable insights. In any case, Anthony revealed in our chat that he began pursuing music in September of last year. Although it has not been a full year yet, he claimed it has felt like it since he has been making music practically every day and has not had a day without thinking about it. In the months leading up to his one-year anniversary, he has learned that the only one who genuinely has his back is himself.

"You can't rely on other people to help you out- and no one cares as much as you do, and you have to suck it up."

He also added that although he didn't learn this piece of advice while creating music, he continues to hold it and is a firm believer in it.

"You can work as hard as you want but you're not guaranteed any results but without working hard you get no results at all. "Anthony said.

Anthony's new release "Fall Back Down"

Yu's newest song, "Fall Back Down", is a poignant ode to an intense romantic connection. The lyrics, "Will you save me? I don't want to fall back down," signify the fact that Anthony wanted this person to "save" him, and showcases Yu's desire to not return to his previous state of emotional disconnect before meeting his significant other. The song starts with a lead instrument, a classically played guitar, transitioning into an acoustic rendition. Layered over the vocals are light keyboards, a drum kit, VST strings, and other ear-catching elements.

Who inspired Anthony and his music style?

Yu claims Justin Bieber is an influence on his singing style. Many people on TikTok have compared him to the singer KESHI after the release of his songs, and ever since they began saying this, he has started listening to KESHI. He draws inspiration from KESHI when singing in a lower, gentler key. Overall, Bieber and Keshi would serve as the primary inspiration for Anthony.

Anthony's Future Projects

Yu's creative journey is far from over. With several songs in the pipeline, fans can expect new releases in the near future. He also anticipates showcasing his original compositions in his debut performance. Although uncertain about what lies ahead, Yu is ready to face the challenges head-on.

Anthony's advice to upcoming artists

Anthony was quite hesitant to start this journey, and the way he did it was by browsing the internet and finding a producer whose work he happened to like and enjoy. Anthony paid the fee and joined the service that this producer was offering to create a song. Once he had paid there was no going back, and he was all in. The best piece of advice Anthony could give was

"Don't be scared. It's okay to ask questions and you aren't expected to be perfect especially if it's your first-time making music; if anybody expects you to be perfect you aren't working with the right people."

He also said,

"Believe in yourself and you should definitely do it the fun of it and if you aren't having fun this might not be it for you, but it's a patience game and chances are you're not going to blow up overnight."

Anthony expresses his wish to one day be able to tour around the globe when asked about his ideal performance. He wants to reach the level of grammy performances one day. Though he acknowledged that it was unlikely, he promised to do everything in his ability to make the achievements a reality.

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