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Music is a difficult field to pursue in. A lot of determination is needed to start an instrument, create a band, or start producing music. Music resources are often limited for young artists. This website aims to expand the possibilities and opportunities of young people in the field of music. Our goal is to create an environment for young artists to be motivated and passionate in pursuing music. This website encourages young, aspiring artists to take a step further in their music journey.

Our team

Born in New York in 2005, with his diverse perspective, he has been working on his interests in business and music, as well as projects to solve various social issues. He has an interest in music and plays the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and the piano.
Yamato Tao - Founder
Santiago is enthusiastic about developing decentralized applications that can bring real-world value to users. Santiago's passion for blockchain technology drives his efforts toward creating innovative solutions that can improve the current industry landscape.
Santiago Trujillo
“Highly recommended! They have such a big variety of articles that I can always find something new and interesting for me based on what I’m in the mood for!”
Omata Ryotaro - Lead Journalist
Born in Vancouver, Canada, 2006. Reanna aspires to study clinical psychology and business administration. She prioritizes self-care particularly through music and literacy, and enjoys language learning.
Reanna Yu
Parisha was born in India and lived in the UAE her whole life. She was interested in fields of science and psychology but was also fond of journalism and engaging in the media.
Parisha Narang
Born in 2006, Jamillah, a South African with a diverse background, is dedicated to various creative pursuits. She expresses her talents through art, fashion, and writing, embodying the rich culture of South Africa.
Jamillah Majid

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Are you a talented musician eager to share your passion with the world? If you’re interested in being featured on our website, we invite you to click the button below to schedule an interview with our team. This is your chance to shine in the spotlight as we showcase your unique talents and story in a dedicated article. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with music enthusiasts and fellow artists—join us and let your musical journey be heard!